who is jessica mcvey

Anyone who has grown up dreaming of one day being a singer and songwriter will tell you that music is more than a few perfectly-timed high notes or eloquent words scribbled on a loose-leaf sheet of paper. In a word, it’s LIFE. 

It’s what we dream about. It’s what we get up in the morning to do. 

It’s what we do to pass the time in the shower and on long car rides from one sleepy town to the next. 

We sing when we praise God at church. We rely on music to softly lull our children to sleep. 

There’s something romantic about frantically writing down a lyric on a cocktail napkin when a wave of inspiration strikes. 

And there’s an indescribable feeling of connectivity when a fan tells you after a late-night show that your singing gave them goosebumps and took them back to better times. 

Music. Singing. It really is life. It’s my life — Jessica McVey’s life! 

People ask me all the time what my favorite song is or who my favorite singer is. And you know what? They’re all my favorite. From Kenny Rogers, Miranda Lambert, AC/DC, and Little River Band to Amy Grant, Carrie Underwood, and Pat Benatar, I love them all. One minute, I’m listening to R&B, and the next, it’s Rock or Country. It depends on my mood, what I am going through in life at that moment, and, yes, what sounds good. 

Growing up in Illinois, I was encouraged to listen to and appreciate all forms of music and talents. I sang in our church choir from the time I was old enough to speak. My parents toured the country as part of a Christian rock band in the 1980s, and my dad and I would religiously play Name That Tune on long car rides to far-off volleyball tournaments. My mom taught me how to play the piano. When I was 7 or 8, we had a famous singer from the Netherlands stay with us for a short while. We also had a worship group from England stay at our house. Needless to say, I had so many talented people influencing my love for singing and music. 

Today, I credit them for the journey that has ultimately led me to become a successful singer and songwriter. I initially teamed up with my brother BJ to create a country band in Illinois, and together we became one of the top bands in the area. I eventually moved to Dallas with my husband and, for the last 12 years, I’ve sold out shows in venues ranging from Piranha Killer Sushi in Flower Mound to House of Blues in Dallas and Lava Cantina in The Colony. I’m currently teamed with guitarist Fletcher Moudy and band members Gary Ishee, Dave Farrell, Billy Davis, and Magen Miller. 

If you’ve stumbled across my website for the first time, welcome. While I label myself a country music singer, I can pretty much belt out anything, and I take a lot of pride in that. After all, music is life — so I might as well keep livin’ it!